Theo and the Forbidden Language for Kindle

"Top notch writing. Awesome adventure." - Hallways Book Reviews

"The best rabbit story since Watership Down." - Goodreads reader Bill Tillman

"Five stars. A stunning debut...C.S. Lewis and Richard Adams may have competition when it comes to terrific books about talking animals." - Underground Book Reviews

In the isolated rabbit village of Willago, introverted Theo has a secret. Even though reading and writing were long ago outlawed as sorcery, Theo can’t resist the books hidden in the family cupboard. When a mysterious owl arrives with a priceless collar, Theo is the only one to realize it’s a word puzzle, and secretly rearranges the collar’s stones to form a sentence. Learning that Theo has broken the law yet again, the village elders imprison him, threatening him with exile.

In the dead of night he is freed by Brune, an axe-wielding bear who believes Theo has a different destiny. They escape to Mankahar, a land where the human empire is robbing animals of speech using a poison called “pacification.” The empire will march to the furthest corners of the land, enslaving all animals to use on their farms, including the rabbits of Willago. The only thing standing in the empire’s way is the Order, a society of free animals determined to defend their way of life. Brune, a member of the Order, convinces Theo to join him in their fight.

But Brune’s cause proves dangerous. Whom can Theo trust, when the empire punishes those who read or write with death? Worse, his fellow animals view the written word as sacrilegious. As the battle for Mankahar’s fate looms, Theo must risk everything—including love—to learn the full power of the forbidden language, or be silenced forever.
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